Iknowmed vs Praxis EMR – 2022 Review 

iKnowMed Generation 2 is a top-notch web-based EHR system created by McKesson Specialty Health to meet the requirements of hematologists and oncologists. More than 200 oncologists worked together to create this health IT solution, drawing on their everyday clinical experiences to create the program. The program is adaptable and appropriate for medical practices of various sizes, including big cancer care centers with hundreds of physicians on staff.

The Praxis EHR system eliminates templates and uses artificial intelligence (AI), which learns how each doctor works and adjusts to a user’s specific demands. The AI learns more via usage, developing quicker and more intelligence. The method presents all information in the doctor’s chosen sequence and uses their own terminology.

The following is a brief analysis of Iknowmed vs Praxis EMR so you can see what makes them unique.


A variety of features in the iKnowMed EMR are well-suited to assisting users in streamlining their practice routines. Using the appointment scheduling module, oncologists may quickly automate key operations, such as arranging appointments. With other staff members and colleagues, they may quickly produce and distribute charts. Users benefit from increased interoperability.

Key Features

Medical Billing

The iKnowMed EMR software provides a comprehensive solution for medical billing requirements, making the creation of medical invoices and managing billing issues in your clinic a thing of the past. Users do not need to learn codes since the program is compatible with ICD coding. This billing software aids users in managing their requirements for medical billing. It improves the practice’s overall productivity since the software makes it simple for users to create bills. Thanks to effective billing, users may reduce overhead expenses and be fully aware of the cost. Additionally, the program assists in shortening collection times and increasing practice income.

Appointment Scheduling 

The iKnowMed software has a fantastic appointment scheduling tool that aids in automation and can also send patients automated reminders. This increases the practice’s total capacity and income while lowering no-shows. The patient portal may also be used to make the appointments. Through the patient portal, patients may simply make their own appointment requests.

Practice Management Tools

In addition to offering fully integrated practice administration software, the iKnowMed EMR platform also provides administrative oncology-specific functionality duties that professionals do in their professions. By using this technology, customers may extend their patient interactions and focus more on the clinical side of the company.

Iknowmed Pricing 

To learn more about Iknowmed EMR pricing, you can request a customized quote for your practice by contacting customer support. 

Iknowmed Demo

To be able to use Iknowmed for best practices, it can be good to see it from different angles. The Iknowmed EMR demo can be scheduled through the official vendor profile. 

Iknowmed Reviews

Iknowmed EMR reviews show that it has an efficient billing system. It is also a satisfactory tool for practicing oncology. 

Praxis EMR

Key Features

Clinical Charting 

Praxis EMR’s clinical charting feature makes it extremely easy to chart since the computer analyses your needs and gradually modifies to meet them. It anticipates what you’ll want and the settings to use as you chart, making the process much easier. In addition, the charting feature’s intelligence analyses the data you input and proposes potential diagnoses to take into account, enabling you to draw clinical conclusions much quicker than previously, which is quite helpful and will help you save a lot of time. 

Patient Portal

Praxis automates both the Patient Portal and your process in addition to your workflow. Based on each patient’s state, the Concept Processor in Praxis automatically customizes health maintenance at the portal. Improve patient engagement, communication, and education with little effort. Streamline patient intake and consent processes, conduct online research and studies, and enhance patient results.

Medical Research Tool

The Praxis ‘DataMiner’ is an advanced medical research instrument. You can instantly access any data about your patient population. Select from the list of questions already asked or submit your own. Praxis is ideal for putting new developments in medical research, clinical trials, or health maintenance into practice.

Smart Messaging

Praxis ‘Agents’ are knowledgeable messengers who speak on your behalf. When you need them, agents are there and they know where to go and what to do. They also pick up new skills from you over time. Automate timely events and reminders for your clinic’s staff, and engage patients with a secure email and patient portal.

Praxis EMR Pricing

The Praxis EMR pricing is customized for every clinical practice so that users get a tailored plan for their requirements. 

Praxis EMR Demo

The Praxis EMR demo can be scheduled through the official website so you can determine how it can be used for the improvement of your medical practice. 

Praxis EMR Reviews 

According to a lot of Praxis EMR reviews, it can be assumed that users like it because it has an intuitive system and the functionalities can be customized for your system. 

Final Thoughts

Users of the EHR software may simply, remotely, and from any location access patient data. The EHR software makes it simple for users to enter patient information, records, and history into a safe, centralized cloud-based database.

The AI-driven Praxis EMR software effectively assists medical practitioners in streamlining their operations. It keeps track of how the software’s functions are being used. After assessing the data gathered, the procedures quicken and adapt to the practice’s needs. It does not provide pre-made templates; instead, it enables each practice to design its own templates in accordance with its own demands and specialties.

IKnowmed specifically focuses on improving practice management for physicians engaged in oncology. Meanwhile, Praxis EMR supports over 70 specialties. The pricing of both solutions depends on your practice so when you are making a choice between the two, it is important that you focus on the features and functions of the platform in order to apply best practices to your system.

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