jordan health services

Jordan Health Services is the leading provider of specialized healthcare to the military community. We aim to support the health and well being of active duty service members as they transition to civilian life. To accomplish this goal, we’re working to improve the quality of care provided by our physicians, nurses, and medical technicians.

Jordan Health Services is a military-owned and operated healthcare provider with a mission to improve the lives of military service members, their families, and the communities they serve through innovative, technology-driven solutions. We’re proud to continue our relationship with the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Defense Logistics Agency. We’re also proud to serve the communities of Fort Hood, Texas; Joint Base Charleston; and Fort Carson, Colorado.

You might be thinking, “this is a healthcare provider?” Actually, it’s not. Jordan Health Services is a non-profit organization focused on building better relationships with military personnel and their families. They provide healthcare services, including dental and medical, at Fort Hood and Fort Carson for active-duty, reserve, and retired military personnel and their families.

Most people think of healthcare providers as doctors, hospitals, clinics, or the like. This is not the case. Jordan Health Services have an extensive network of healthcare providers in the Fort Hood area including the Fort Hood Medical Center, Fort Hood Community Clinic, and the Fort Hood Family Clinic. They also have a network of non-profit organizations like the Military Family Foundation, the Fort Hood Hospital Foundation, and the Joint Base Health Command (JBHC).

Jordan Health Services have a vast network of Health Care Providers on-site. Their site looks like one of the “first thing” of the Jordan Health Services network, except instead of an ad, there’s a picture of Jordan Health Services. Some of the other hospitals listed on their site are Fort Hood Hospitals, Medical Department of Jordan, and the Fort Hood Medical Center.

The Jordan Health Services site looks like a lot of places that are actually called Jordan Health Services, but that name is never used. The site even has the JHS logo for the JHS, but that is really just a URL that shows the JHS as a provider of health care.

Jordan Health Services as a provider of health care is a nice touch on what would be a horrible site if it wasn’t for the obvious branding. But as a provider of health care, Jordan Health Services is a horrible site. They don’t have a single patient directory, they don’t have a single referral system, they don’t have any information about patients, and they don’t even have any information about referrals.

The JHS website says it’s a “health care provider” but even that only tells me how crappy it is. A better website would have put up a directory of patient information, a referral system, and an entire directory of doctors and clinics, and the website would have been a bit more informative.

With the exception of the one medical referral website you can find online, there are no referral services anywhere. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that when you go to the doctor or a clinic and they ask you to provide some sort of information, they can’t be bothered to look for it themselves.

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