Knowing The Budget of Popular Roofing Materials Like Steel Helps Make Up Your Mind!

Roof replacement seems like a massive headache because of the work and budget involved. Most homeowners usually opt for affordable options, such as asphalt composite shingles. However, there is a gradual shift toward metal roofs, which can be expensive upfront, but their longevity and energy-saving qualities have made them famous. Its price can be comparable to slate tiles and wooden shakes. However, metal can still be the preference for strength. If you want to decide better, calculate your budget and maintenance cost of the roofing materials beforehand. It will guide you to your choice. If you live in Roscoe, you don’t have to worry about roofers.

Roscoe roofing contractor can install metal roofs and help you repair and maintain other types. Now, let’s explore the cost of metal roof options for some general ideas. The projected estimates are for a 1,700 square feet American home roof. 

Corrugated metal

It can be an affordable option for a metal roof. It’s not durable like others, but easy installation and wave-like look due to the grooves make it an ideal pick. With fluctuating temperatures, the panels can shrink or enlarge. The lightweight material can sit on the current structure as well. You get multiple varieties in corrugated sheets, but Galvalume and galvanized steel lead the pack as the top choice. You can get metal panels for USD$ 1-2.50 per sq. ft. It’s the material cost; installation charges may range from USD $5.50 to USD $11.50. The total budget required for this work can range from upward of USD 9k to USD 19k.

Steel tiles and shingles

Again, the varieties are enormous but galvanized steel gets massive support for being solid and durable. The one with zinc coating prevents corrosion. The cheaper cousin is Galvalume, which uses aluminum coating. However, the high-end choice remains stainless steel, which is not so common. Galvalume panel can be available for USD $75 to USD $250 per 100-square-foot and costs about USD $5.50 per sq ft for installation. An expensive option like galvanized steel roof may come for USD $3.35 to USD $4.25 per sq ft. When you add installation cost, the budget will be USD10 per sq ft. Complete roofing work may require you to account for USD $17,000 to USD $25,000. And the stainless-steel material can cost up to USD $16 per sq ft, and installation is more than USD $15 per sq ft.

Standing seam

It’s not material, but this roofing panel can use any steel material. You can have zinc, copper, steel, and aluminum panels. These panels feature vertical, elevated ribs that hide the fasteners. For fastening, a roofer may use unique metal caps or snap-lock systems. Since fasteners don’t face weather changes directly, they survive for long. Plus, the rib design and locking method help the panels to adjust to changing temperatures easily. The cost will vary based on what you select in the range of USD $4 and USD $6.50 per sq ft. If you add installation cost, expect the price to move from USD $10 to USD $17.65 per sq ft. Overall budget expectations can be up to USD $30,000. Typically, zinc and copper panels tend to be more expensive. 

You can talk to a roofing expert from your area to understand the actual cost and benefit of the different varieties for the type of climate you face.

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