Experity EMR vs Meditech EMR 2022 Comparison

For on-demand care providers of all sizes and specialties, including occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care, Experity is a cloud-based EMR (electronic medical record), practice management, and medical billing software system. 

The Meditech Expanse was not just created with practice management in mind. By connecting all stakeholders including patients, social services, community resources, and others, it improves population health management. To perform duties like accessing patient data or even managing prescriptions, the platform may be accessed through a mobile device. Additionally, patients may schedule appointments, examine test results, or access their information online. Improved patient care results from all of these qualities.

Experity EMR 

Experity EMR is a cloud-based EMR, practice management, and medical billing software system designed for on-demand care providers of all sizes and specialties, including occupational medicine, pediatrics, and primary care.

It is desktop and mobile-friendly, adaptable, and offers comprehensive clinical workflow and charting solutions from patient registration through discharge. Multiple users can examine patient charts at the same time with same-time documentation so you can work faster and patients are provided care on time. 

Key Features 

EMR Management Tool 

Because of pre-built, complaint-driven logic, you can track 90% of the most common urgent care facility visits in 60 seconds with fewer clicks. Real-time chart updates can be viewed by several people. To see more patients, reduce friction and boost efficiency. Human error is reduced when activities and computations are automated. Actionable data that evaluates clinical, operational, and financial performance guides decisions.

On-demand clinics generate a large amount of data, which might be challenging to integrate. You may access, view, and act on your data in ways that will help you flourish using Experity’s urgent care management software’s business intelligence and reporting tools.

Revenue Cycle Regulation

The Experity software reduces billing and coding issues so you may be paid what you earn. You’ll obtain rapid, clean collections while keeping your bottom line under control thanks to recognized best practices and built-in efficiencies, as well as adjustable tiered service levels. Coding guidance based on the most recent laws supports providers and billers in ensuring accurate and clean claims, which can help to speed up reimbursement.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Because of texting and online registration, patients spend less time in your clinic, increasing throughput and allowing you to see more patients. Additionally, increased demographic and data accuracy saves you time and money. Wait times, satisfaction ratings, online appointments vs. walk-ins, and ROI benchmarks enable you to make informed staffing decisions and improve operations. Reduce unpleasant patient interactions in near real-time. Experity makes it simple to assess patient satisfaction, decrease negative interactions, and share good feedback.

Experity Pricing

The official vendor profile does not include information for Experity EMR pricing. By contacting Experity customer care, you may ask for a customized price.

Experity Demo 

You may also ask for an Experity EMR demo on the website if you want to find out how Experity fits with your practice.

Experity Reviews

Numerous Experity EMR reviews demonstrate that it is a user-friendly platform capable of offering consumers urgent care options.

Meditech EMR 

The MEDITECH EMR system is an on-premise Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that provides clinical charting to healthcare practitioners in midsized offices and community hospitals. Healthcare practitioners can access patient vitals, test data, prescription information, health history, patient notes, and diagnostic imaging from a single location. Meditech Electronic Medical Records EMR software complies with HIPAA regulations. It is also Meaningful Use (MU) Stage-2 certified, and it has capabilities that let administrators testify for federal stimulus packages using Electronic Medical Records software.

Key Features

Expanse Virtual Assistant 

Meditech’s Expanse Virtual Assistant is powered by the same cutting-edge artificial intelligence that drives your smartphone and other clever devices. So, it functions just like the personal gadgets you’re used to. The virtual assistant is also medically trained by combining Meditech intelligence with Nuance. The fully-incorporated healthcare terminology and skills will make the system intuitive and easier to navigate through. The virtual assistant is embedded with technology that requires minimum touch to reduce the risk of contracting disease. 

Emergency Care

Saving lives in the ER (emergency room) requires making the correct decisions swiftly and safely. You’ll have all the information you need with MEDITECH Expanse to give patients timely and focused therapy. With intuitive mobile and touch-based technologies that will enhance your efficiency as well as your patient’s experience, one comprehensive patient record spanning ED, acute, and ambulatory contexts offer you access to the whole patient story. Manage numerous patient lists, monitor wait times, sign up for patients, and simply perform shift hand-offs with completely customizable and extensible patient trackers.

Patient Care

Making Use of Expanse The tiny form factor of Patient Care functions directly on their smartphone or portable mobile device benefits Point of Care professionals. Clinicians may examine their assigned patient lists, see the patient chart, write interventions/assessments, and dispense prescriptions from their mobile device, no matter where their patients are in the institution. Nurses add more information to the enterprise patient record than any other care team member since they spend the most time with patients. Point of Care equips physicians with simple, easy-to-use technologies to help them meet the needs of patient care while offering more meaningful face-to-face interaction, education, and experience with their patients.

Meditech Pricing 

The Meditech EMR pricing options are not provided on the official website. However, you can customize the cost according to your team size by getting in touch with the sales team.

Meditech Demo

You can easily discern how you can implement the software for your practice by watching the Meditech EMR demo that is available on the website. 

Meditech Reviews

The Meditech EMR reviews show that it is a helpful system for healthcare practitioners who want to simplify administrative tasks so they can focus on providing patient care. Additionally, its intuitive interface is easy to navigate and use.

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