Foods that Kill Men’s Health Issues

A few things that keep troubling men for a long part of their life are diabetes, asthma, obesity, hair fall, mental health etc. These ailments or unhealthy situations become a regular part of life and eventually become our lifestyle. For example, for an asthma patient taking an inhaler to work, or any place outside the home is a part of his daily routine like wearing a shirt, polishing shoes, combing hair and keeping an inhaler. 

Similar to diabetes patients, they need to take insulin shots periodically for the rest of their life. Hence, they plan their schedule in a manner that they don’t miss their work, and get time for personal life as well. 

One such ailment which we will be discussing in this article is Erectile Dysfunction ED. You must have heard about it in the TV advertisements or on social media talking about long-lasting performance in bed. 

They may not tell you directly but it is all about Erectile Dysfunction. Men have a preconceived notion about ED that taking pills is the only way out. But that’s not correct, you can improve your strength in bed even without using pills by just choosing a specific type of food. 

Yes!!! There is nothing to be shocked about because food is the ultimate source of energy for the body. Hence, the quality of food you consume has a direct or indirect effect on every aspect of the body, including penile erection. You cannot enjoy your desired sex life with poor food quality in that case you have to depend on pills like Vidalista 60. In this article, we will be talking about different foods that can help overcome Erectile Dysfunction and make you invincible in bed. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Knowing the basics of Erectile Dysfunction or ED is very important before understanding the best solutions. Erectile Dysfunction, in short, ED is a medical condition in which men face a troublesome condition of poor erection due to which they are unable to satisfy their partner in bed. This can lead to dissatisfaction in a relationship and if not treated within time, ED can become the reason for separation and extramarital affairs. But how does it happen that a man that was all well, became incapable of proper erection? What is the change in biology in his body? Let’s find out.

When a man is exposed to sexual stimulations, the nervous system allows the movement of the heavy amount of blood in the penile regions. You can also take Fildena 150 for treat ED. This leads to the expansion of the blood vessels of the penis, which we call an erection. Now, if the supply of blood is less, the expansion of the penis will not happen as much as earlier. This results in a poor erection, i.e., Erectile Dysfunction. No one can differentiate between two situations and tell that blood supply in the penis is the main determining factor of erection. Good blood circulation leads to a good erection and vice-versa. The foods which we are going to discuss also kill Erectile Dysfunction by enhancing the blood circulation, they are:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are direct determinants of mother nature; hence, they are always there to rescue us from any health disorder. In fact, fruits and vegetables must be included in every person’s diet. Fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and lots of water. So, the chances of accumulating fats and cholesterol after eating these items are zero. These items increase the transmission of nerve signals leading to faster reflexes. The blood circulation is improved which enhances the metabolism. The person experiences improvement in mood and feels more enthusiastic with high stamina. 

Thus, when the sexual stimulation occurs, due to high metabolism blood gushes in the penile region to cause the desired erection. But yes, do not expect overnight change by simply eating a mango or guava. It must be inculcated as a natural habit to be done regularly. 

Oats and Cereals

Oats and cereals are food items rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibre and essential proteins with a minimal amount of fat. Oats and cereals are little heavy meals, so eating them will keep your stomach full for a long time, thus getting rid of frequent hunger. This is the reason oatmeal and cereals constitute a major portion of the diet for men aiming for weight loss. As you get the nutrients with minimal fats and at the same, you eat less because the stomach is filled for hours. 

Oat can be prepared with water like a porridge or with milk, and honey and add some dry fruits. That increases the nutrition content of normal oats to another level. Cereals are found to increase the basic metabolic rate pushing the blood pressure significantly higher. People with ED can benefit by adding oats and other cereals to their diet. 

Selected non-vegan

Lots of non-vegan food such as red meat are a rich source of saturated fats and cholesterol. Hence, the consumption of such foods must be prevented or if consumed then get rid of it as soon as possible. These types of food items add cholesterol to the body that sticks to the arteries. Thus, the flow of blood is obstructed leading to organs getting deprived of blood. Thus, among all other organs, the blood flow in the penis is also affected causing Erectile Dysfunction. But not all non-vegan foods are bad for the penis, instead, seafood is highly beneficial for the overall body.

Seafood contains a minuscule quantity of saturated fats, instead, it contains liver oil that is beneficial in improving the immune system, and blood circulation and is good for the heart. Seafood is also light to digest because the meat content is much less delicate than red meat. So, the gut also need not worry hence, overall metabolism is high. 


Instead of talking about eating single food, we have compiled it in a group and discussed its benefits. The person can choose any food belonging to a single category and experience desired benefits. Habits take time to develop hence, killing ED using food is not an overnight thing, it will take time. 

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