Reasons to Use Resistance Bands for Working Out

There are a lot of benefits to working out on a regular basis. It can help to make your heart stronger, prevent a lot of diseases, puts you in a good mood, and can help you lose weight or maintain your current weight. As you begin to look for a good workout routine, you may be surprised by how many options are available for you to choose from. 

One option that can be so beneficial for the whole body is resistance bands. You can use these at home and they don’t take up much space, but when used properly, they can really pack a punch and will help you work out every muscle of the body. Some of the top reasons why you should use resistance bands for working out include:

Less Chance of Injury


When you train with these variable resistance bands, they are able to provide you with similar or more muscle activity as you would get with weight training. This means that with a simple band, you can really work out the muscle in the same way that you can with some of those heavy weights at the gym. 

One of the key differences though is that when you use the resistance bands, they will have less force on the joints. You can give more stimulus to the muscles due to this, without a lower chance of injury. For those who want to prevent injuries or those who already have joint pain and injuries, the resistance band can be the key that you need to stay healthy and safe.

While resistance bands offer benefits, consulting a healthcare professional or qualified exercise physiologist is crucial before starting any new exercise program. For individuals with disabilities or pre-existing health conditions, you may want to check if you are eligible for NDIS exercise physiology services.

More Muscle Stimulus

One of the big differences that you will see between free weights at the gym and resistance bands is that the variable resistance is applied through the full range of motion when you do a specific exercise. 

When you work with free weights, there are parts of the movement when the muscles will not do any work because of the lack of gravity, such as the top of your bicep curl. This can be a waste of your time and effort when you want to get a good workout in. 

When you use a resistance band, the muscle will stay active the entire time. The muscle will receive greater resistance with this type of workout because there is resistance at all parts of the movement. This can make the muscle stronger and will stimulate some of the strength adaptations that you need. 

Helps Improve Stabilization


Stabilization is something that we all need on occasion, especially as we start to get older. And the resistance bands can provide a great way to add in some of that stabilization in a safe and effective manner. 

As you use the resistance bands, you will find that the constant tension from the bands will require you to stabilize the body in order to maintain your form for many of the different exercises that you do with the band. To make it effective, you will need to activate the core to keep some of your balance. 

The need to control the resistance bands from snapping back into place means that you will need to have more strength and stimulation through the full range of motion for your muscle. And the pull of the band will make it harder for you to try and cheat through momentum like you would with the free weights. 

More Strength Than Before

You will quickly find that these power resistance bands can be a great tool to use for athletic training. The reason for this is because of the increased load, the variable resistance, and the instability. In fact, many conditioning professionals and power lifters have started to add some resistance band training to their routine to get the best results. 

Research shows us that using bands with weights will help us to improve our neuromuscular performance and strength more than just using weight training on is own. These bands are also a good option to use when there is a need for speed and agility drills, no matter the athletic purpose of the time. 


The resistance band can be an inexpensive way for you to work out at home. You can get started with just one band. And even if you choose to purchase several bands to get things started, they can be inexpensive, especially if you compare them to the cost of purchasing free weights. 

Purchasing a set of resistance bands can be easy to store and will save a lot of space as well. Free weights can give great results, but they do take up a lot of space around the home and can get expensive. If you want something that allows you to workout strong and not spend a lot of money, then resistance bands will be the right choice for you. 

Lots of Exercise Options

When you bring home some barbells and dumbbells, you will find that you will be limited to certain body positions and the use of gravity to get the work done. When you decide to work with resistance bands, you will be able to perform more exercises because you can work on the horizontal and the vertical plane at the same time. 

For example, you could do a chest press or the back row in a standing position, rather than having to utilize a bench to get them done. You can also train to do some sideways movements, which will hit more muscles than before or could be good for athletes that need to swing baseball bats and golf clubs to get their work done. 

Choosing to Work Out with Resistance Bands

While there are many workout programs you can choose to do, working with resistance bands can be one of the smartest decisions for handling all the muscle groups of the body. When you are choosing your exercise routine, take the time to look at the benefits of utilizing resistance bands to see if they are right for you.

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