Learning a new language is never simple, even though it is your native speech.

Students in Singapore must study English and Chinese studies because of the country’s language and ethnic requirements (for Chinese students). Both are difficult to excel at, particularly if you must simultaneously learn them in secondary school.

Students typically concentrate more on the widely used English language than on Chinese.

Enrol your child in a renowned Chinese education centre in Singapore to help them advance their Chinese language abilities.

Here are a few actions to get you going:

Step 1: First, locate the top Chinese tutoring facility.

In Singapore, there are numerous higher Chinese tuition centres. The secret is choosing the best one based on the following criteria: student testimonies, price range, location, class size, and tutor credentials.

Once you locate a centre that meets all of your requirements, speak with the Chinese tutor who will be working with your child. If their manner of instruction doesn’t meet your needs, you can ask for a different one.

Step 2: Arrange a coffee meeting with your selected tutor.

Given the ongoing pandemic, it stands to reason that meeting new people is impossible. However, you can still plan to speak with them online.

You should discuss various subjects, such as their teaching style, module content, communication, progress reports, and more, when they meet your expectations in the interview phase.

Remember that if an instructor is passionate about teaching Chinese, they will know the answers to all these queries.

Step 3: Monitor your child’s development

To speak Chinese fluently, a pupil must know between 2500 and 3000 characters.

Although learning Chinese is challenging, your child can quickly become proficient with the help of the proper tutor. Monitoring their development is the most effective technique to determine if their Chinese tutoring sessions have the desired effect.

Request weekly updates and test results. Encourage them to set high goals rather than penalise them for slow development. Avoid causing them stress or panic in their pursuit of academic excellence.

Step 4: Use Chinese in Conversations Everyday

Practice makes perfect. If your child doesn’t practise Chinese, all your efforts to choose the best tutoring facility and teacher will be for nought.

Establish clear guidelines for speaking Chinese on specific days, consider having a Chinese-themed meal, or, even better, speak to your child in the language to help them feel comfortable learning it.

You are still the best teacher. The sole purpose of Chinese tutoring centres is to maximise your child’s potential. Therefore, when choosing a second language instructor for your child, use caution.

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